Food is a serious business.

It’s also one of life’s greatest pleasures. Those special individuals who have dedicated their lives to food and the service of others understand the importance of capturing the details in exactly the right light. When you have sourced great produce and developed your menu to perfection, you want to showcase it to the world. Take a step back from that and think about all the time it took to find a suitable venue, make it yours, hire and nurture the best staff and understand your customer, you want to reach them to let them know you’re in business!

Meet Kitti

Kitti is a Creative Director and Photographer specialising in the food, wine, lifestyle and travel industries. Kitti’s advertising and marketing background (focused in the hospitality sectors) lends her a unique perspective into design, web and layouts, as well as close relationships with chefs, restaurateurs and other food professionals.

The benefit of Experience

Kitti understands the concepts of light, space, style and most importantly, the details. Her background as a food blogger allows for an even bigger insight into the importance of timing. A fresh, steaming espresso is much more beautiful than a cold forgotten one.

Beauty in the Madness

Having learnt the hard way that nothing ever goes to plan in the kitchen, Kitti’s approach to shoots these days is flexible and fresh. Whether it be a gorgeous studio set-up or a styled restaurant shoot, things can happen, and that’s ok! Burnt toast, rainy weather, deflated beer foam, wonky latte art, Kitti has seen it all. There is always a beautiful shot to capture in the madness, and sometimes the best shots are taken this way. If this sounds a little like your place, we should work together.

Kitti is always up for a challenge. If you have an idea, shoot it over and we can make it come to life. Kitti shoots everything from social media, editorial and advertising to artistic lifestyle shots perfect for print or digital purposes.

What kind of Shoots

Some industries she has worked for:

  • Food & bev
  • Restaurants and cafés
  • Hospitality
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Retail
  • Advertising
  • Social Media

Let's worktogether.




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